Monday, March 23, 2009

More maps for my Garmin GPS units

I have lately been experimenting with a slew of new maps for Garmin GPS units. The first one I added was the NY State Snowmobile trail map layer . Here are two examples:

The layer is completely transparent and can be seen on top of any map. Snowmobile trails are very twisty and windy and in the field, you never know where they will lead you. Now with this layer, I know and this may be a real factor in some search in the future. Good to have and if distracting, the layer can always be turned off on the GPS.

Topo maps, 1:24ooo were not, so far available as Garmin GPS maps for NY State. No longert true. Here is a sample and comparison:

While the contour lines are better than ever, and the road data is much more up-to-date, wetlands are missing. But then they are available on Topo 2008, so now I have both layers on my GPS. But you can only access one at a time. So I use whatever gives me what I need most where I currently am walking.

Road maps: Till now you had to shell a good sum for a mapset that was good for use only on a single GPS unit. Well go here and get yourself a road map set that is quite good. Some areas are not covered and do not expect turn-by-turn directions, but you can have quite a large area on your 2GB card.

Finally, if you want or need topo maps for Canada, here is a free source:

Not all sets are complete and some are updated every so often, so check each site again from time to time. There are more free maps available for various purposes and locations. But this is just a sample of what is available and what might be useful if you are in NY State or the north east part of the US.

Here are directions on how to switch between maps on your Garmin 60CSx GPS

Here are directions on how to load maps on your GPS:

If you don't have a copy of Mapsource, go here: